Glass Washer OMD 042

Dimension (WxDxH)560x460x730 mmRack Capacity40 Rack/hGlass Capacity600-800 Pcs/h Tray Capacity&..

Dishwasher BYF 070 L/R

SpecificationCapacity:3000 pl/hrWashing + Double Rinsing4450 mm (Without Dry)4750 mm (Low Dry)..

Dishwasher OMD 1200

SpecificationModelOMD 1200Rack CapacityRack/hr60Plate CapacityPlate/hr1200Tank CapacityLt18Boiler Ca..

Dishwasher OMD 220L/R

Model OMD 220 ประสิทธิภาพการล้างกะบะ / ชิ้น / ชั่วโมง  Rack Capacity Rack/..

Dishwasher OMD 3210

SpecificationModelOMD 3210Rack CapacityRack/hr78Plate CapacityPlate/hr1560Tank CapacityLt40Temperatu..

Glass Washer OMG 35 Jolly

SpecificationModelOMG JOLLY 35Rack CapacityRack/hr30Plate CapacityPlate/hr600Washing CycleSec120Tank..

Dishwasher BYF 120 L/R

SpecificationCapacity:3600 pl/hrPrewash+Wash+Double Rinse5350 mm (Low Dry)6000 mm (High Dry)..

Glass Washer OMG 3500 ST

SpecificationModelOMG 3500 STRack CapacityRack/hr30Plate CapacityPlate/hr600Washing CycleSec120Tank ..

Dishwasher OMD 102

Dimension (WxDxH)740x600x1540(1905) mmPlate Capacity60 Pcs/hGlass Capacity2160 Pcs/hTray Capacity540..

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